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we_aint_ugly's Journal

We aint ugly!
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Welcome to we_aint_ugly, a picture posting community. Post pictures. Lots of them. It doesnt matter who you are or what you look like. If you have pictures, show them off!


1. Post as much as you want. I dont care.

2. Be nice, dont be rude, you know. Be polite.

3. Post pics of whatever. If theyr a friend or family, be sure you have permission. Not everyone likes to be exploited on the web. :)

4. This community is open for all ages. Some of you might feel the dire urge to post nude photo's. I dont care if its an art form/done in taste, but since little eyes might see this, put it behind an LJ cut! And be over 18 if doing so too. Thanks.

5. Have fun. I cant think of anything else to say.

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